For urban and rural land properties and boundaries including:

  • Property boundary establishment, subdivisions, consolidations, servitudes and title deed amendments.
  • Applications for subdivision, consolidation and township design and establishment.
  • The survey and approval of Surveyor General Property diagrams.
  • The resolution of boundary disputes and the relocation of property beacons.

For Sectional Title surveys:

  • The preparation of approved Sectional Title plans for sectional title registers.
  • Amendments to existing Sectional title plans due to alterations of existing buildings in the scheme.

Property, Cadastral and Sectional Title surveying concerns itself with both the boundaries of land, buildings or servitudes and the rights associated with land.

These surveys are carried out to define new property or section boundaries so that land or sections may be transacted in with certainty. We also specialise in the re-establishment of existing property boundaries so that disputes between neighbours can be settled amicably.

Property, Cadastral and Sectional Title surveys are regulated under the Land survey act (Act 8 of 1997) and the Sectional Title Act (Act 95/1986). They may only be undertaken by Professional Land Surveyors registered with the Geomatics Council of South Africa ( the professional body governing the Land surveying industry in South Africa ). Proof of registration for all our staff can be supplied if requested.

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