Kirchhoff Professional Surveyors utilise a combination Terrestrial scanning, aerial lidar mapping services and unmanned aircraft to provide survey services to carry out the following services for the mining and resource extraction industries:

  • Preparation of plans for applications, formalisation and conversion of prospecting, mineral and mining rights. These plans are prepared in accordance with various section of Mineral and Petroleum resources development act ( 28 of 2002 ) and associated regulations. They may only be prepared by registered professional practitioners.
  • Mineral exploration and geo engineering borehole – location and setting out and as drilled position surveying.
  • Survey control for open pit operations.
  • Open pit quarry and mining operations surveys for resource evaluation.
  • Supporting mine and plant infrastructure survey – if required 3D scanning and modelling services can be provided.
  • Tailings and waste dump surveys, volumes and stability monitoring.
  • Setting out of drill patterns – new exploration projects.
  • Stock yard volume surveys.
  • 3D scanning and modelling of underground workings both formal and artisanal.

Recent projects include Benga mine ongoing monthly volumes, Beira harbour coal yard volumes, Dassie mine annual mine audit, Greenside coal expansion project, Vanaita mine monthly volumes, Titanium project Rwanda, Kitwe copper dumps for reworking, Ngwenaya iron ore mine – new conveyors and plant, Brandplats prospecting project, Rietvlei mine and Kinross resources project.

Project details