Kirchhoff Professional Surveyors are a provider of laser based machine alignment and measurement services across the African continent. We are considered industry leaders in the field of alignment, industrial dimensional verification and surveying. We have over 20 years of experience in the field. Our expertise ranges from installation, equipment maintenance and plant upgrade projects.

Accurate machine alignment provides improved productivity, decreased maintenance and component wear, all resulting in improved return on investment. Laser alignment allows for the accurate alignment of machinery, forming process plants, extrusion presses, conveyor systems and industrial plant. Our machine alignment and positioning services are utilised by the paper, packaging, steel, plastics, extrusion, mining and heavy engineering industries.

Our laser tracker can provide micron accurate alignment of machine components, rolls, forming tables, plinths and shafts. The flexible setup procedures provide a considerable reduction in “Down time” when compared to traditional optical methods.

The term alignment covers straightness, flatness. Orthogonallity and parallelism of components.

Recent applications include:

  • For mining industry – Assisting in the re-machining of complete Dragline motor and hoist assembly machine sole plates and subsequent alignment of drum plinths and gear bases.
  • For paper industry – Head box, breast roll and forming table alignment resulting in improved paper structure, wire life and more efficient dewatering.
  • For heavy engineering industry : Alignment and monitoring of final machining of slew bearings and bearing bores.
  • For the extrusion industry – Alignment and dimensional assessment of copper piping extruder plant.
  • Dimensional verification and alignment of multiple roller mill assemblies.
  • Crane rail assemblies and alignment.
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