We offer precision industrial surveying, Laser tracker 3D metrology and laser or optical alignment for industrial manufacturing such as wind turbines blades, refineries, paper and pulp mills, steel mills, fabrication lines, large scale forging, milling tables, hydro and steam turbines, automotive jigs, ship building and aerospace components.

Our 18 years of experience in this field allows us to offer a 24/7 response for all industrial surveying requirements across the African continent.

We utilise Laser trackers to provide dynamic real time coordinate measuring processes on the shop floor or in harsher environmental conditions such as mines, deep level excavations or construction sites. The accuracy of results range from 50 microns to sub-millimetre depending on design specifications.

The 50 – 100 micron accuracy is achievable on components up to 160 Meters in size.

Through the use of laser trackers, robotic total stations, laser beams and digital scanning we provide both highly accurate and precise modelling. These results are available immediately with software showing corresponding analysis to design. During installation and construction we can specifically provide measures of straightness, concentricity, flatness, perpendicularity and parallelism.

We can provide the integration of our laser tracker with portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and laser scanners to provide dimensional analysis over large components and improved reverse engineering solutions.

Our goal is to provide improved quality and optimisation of production in areas such as:

  • Faster and more efficient installation.
  • Accurate component and machine assembly and fabrication.
  • Real time shop floor comparison to design CAD during manufacturing and installation.
  • This allows for an integration of quality dimensional control in the manufacturing  process.
  • Reduced shut times due to more accurate shop floor data, re-fitting measurements and component alignment.
  • Improved web tracking and reduced web wear and breakage.
  • Headbox, forming table, breast and couch roll integration allowing for increased machine speeds.
  • Longer maintenance intervals due to improvements in bearing and component wear.
  • Reverse engineering for re manufacture of large industrial components where no CAD data is available. We have shown that by being able to take these measurements in situ considerable savings are achieved both in machine downtime and transportation.

Recent applications include:

  • For mining industry – Assisting in the re-machining of complete Dragline motor and hoist assembly machine sole plates and subsequent alignment of drum plinths and gear bases.
  • For paper industry – Head box, breast roll and forming table alignment resulting in improved paper structure, wire life and more efficient dewatering.
  • For heavy engineering industry : Alignment and monitoring of final machining of slew bearings and bearing bores.
  • For the extrusion industry – Alignment and dimensional assessment of copper piping extruder plant. Large pipe extrusion plan Arcelor Mittal,
  • Turbine alignemnet Sugar mill.
  • Dimensional verification and alignment of multiple roller mill assemblies.
  • Crane rail assemblies and alignment, Spoornet and AG Construction.
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