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We are busy with and Aerial mapping project  for a 10 Km upgrade of Louis Botha Avenue in Johannesburg. 

We are flying  the site on behalf of surveyors who are tasked with the detailed mapping of the route. 
We are flying the site with DJI Pahntom 4 drone – perfect tool for these narrow corridor mapping projects. The 10Km length has been split into 7 separate legs. Each leg will  be flow separately – this to ensure VLOS requirements are met.
We are flying at an elevation of 80 meters above ground level, this to obtain 4cm GSD ( pixel resolution )
The orthophotos produced will be used to draft survey plans of all road markings plus service point positions in roadway. This is a considerably more efficient  and much safer than that trying to arrange road closures. 
JMPD provided clearances as required by Civil aviation and asked the flying be done on Sunday morning when there was minimal traffic. They did not require road closures to minimize traffic disruptions.
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