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Preparation and issuing of Land Surveyor certificates

Preparation and issuing of Land Surveyor certificates

Kirchhoff Surveyors | 3D Topographic and detail mapping surveys

3D Topographic and detail mapping surveys.

Kirchhoff Surveyors | Laser Machine Alignemet

Machine Alignment

For all your surveying needs!

Kirchhoff Professional Surveyors is a modern multi-purpose survey practise with a proud history of over 25 years of experience in engineering, industrial, mapping, construction, property boundary and mining, surveys.

We believe good spatial information leads to superior planning, diminished project risks, improved feasibility assessments and efficient resource utilisation.

To achieve this we utilise a combination of a talented team, up to date technology, internationally acknowledged best practice methodologies, collaborative solutions and continued learning.

We collect accurate, quality Spatial data and convert this into intelligence that informs our clients towards cost effective and sustainable solutions.

We provide engineering, construction, topographic mapping, mining, cadastral and industrial surveying services of the highest calibre in an attentive, professional, timeous and value added manner.

We would be pleased to provide a quote for all projects from residential to large scale industrial developments.



Allow us to assit you in:

  • Detailed topographic mapping utilising a combination ground and unmanned aerial vehicle surveying methods.
  • Survey services for the construction, solar, wind and heavy engineering fabrication industries.
  • Volume surveys for stockpiles, quarries, opencast mining and as-built excavation reporting.
  • The survey, subdivision, consolidation and elimination of property boundaries and mining rights.
  • Surveying services for infrastructure or mining developments.
  • High precision industrial surveying together with geometrical and machine alignment utilising Laser trackers.

Our survey teams have the expertise and experience to complete a full range of survey projects both in South Africa and the across the African continent. View our services here.

To date we have completed projects in the Congo, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mali, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Madagascar.


Kirchhoff Surveyors | Projects

Providing "flatness" and alignment for dragline refurbishment


Use of a UAv to carry out small scale ortho-photo mapping

Thokoza Gauteng

Confirming that roller mill assemblies have been constructed correctley